Institutional Information

American Serial Publication is dedicated to partnering with academic institutions, research organizations, and other entities to support the dissemination of high-quality, open-access research. Below are the guidelines and information relevant to institutions.

Institutional Partnerships

  1. Institutional Membership Program
    • Benefits: Our membership program offers institutions various benefits, including waived or discounted Article Processing Charges (APCs), priority in publication processing, and institutional recognition on our website.
    • Eligibility: Academic institutions, research organizations, and libraries are eligible to join our membership program.
    • Application: Interested institutions can apply for membership by contacting us at
  2. Institutional Repositories
    • Integration: We support integration with institutional repositories, allowing institutions to archive and disseminate the work of their researchers.
    • Compliance: Our articles are compliant with major funding agencies’ open access policies, facilitating compliance for institutional research outputs.

Access and Usage

  1. Open Access Policy
    • Free Access: All articles are freely accessible online, ensuring that institutions can provide their students and staff with unrestricted access to the latest research.
    • Licensing: Articles are published under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY), permitting free use and distribution with proper attribution.
  2. Customizable Access Solutions
    • Campus-wide Access: Institutions can provide campus-wide access to our journals through IP-based authentication, ensuring seamless access for all users on campus.
    • Remote Access: We support remote access solutions, such as EZproxy, allowing off-campus users to access our content without barriers.

Supporting Resources for Institutions

  1. Educational Resources
    • Workshops and Seminars: We offer educational workshops and seminars for faculty, researchers, and students on topics related to open-access publishing, research dissemination, and scholarly communication.
    • Training Programs: Customized training programs are available to help institutional members maximize the use of our resources.
  2. Research Support
    • Author Assistance: We provide resources and support for authors affiliated with partner institutions, including manuscript preparation guidelines, submission assistance, and editing services.
    • Funding Compliance: Our team assists researchers in ensuring that their publications comply with the open-access requirements of various funding bodies.
  3. Promotional Materials
    • Marketing Support: Institutions can access a range of promotional materials to raise awareness of our journals and resources within their communities.
    • Newsletter: Institutions can subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about new publications, special issues, and relevant updates.

Institutional Metrics and Reporting

  1. Usage Statistics
    • Comprehensive Reports: We provide detailed usage statistics and reports to institutional partners, helping them understand the impact and reach of the research published by their members.
    • Customized Metrics: Institutions can request customized metrics and data analyses to track engagement and usage of our content.
  2. Impact Analysis
    • Citation Analysis: We offer citation analysis services to help institutions measure the impact of their researchers’ work.
    • Altmetrics: Institutions can access alternative metrics (altmetrics) to gain insights into the broader impact and reach of their publications.